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Accessing the community transformed Rachel’s life

Published: May 18, 2018

Staff at FitzRoy Support at Home in Nottinghamshire are planning a fundraising event and one of the people they support, Rachel, wanted to help them. A few years ago she would have been too shy to get involved, and so her offer of help signified how far she has come since she has been supported by FitzRoy.

Deputy Manager Nicola Astle said:

Rachel is a lovely lady who we have been supporting for three years. When we first met her she was very shy and would spend lots of time indoors at home, not wanting to go out much. We have been supporting her to be more involved and active in her local community.

Now Rachel loves being out of the house doing different things and she has a great rapport with the staff team. Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds, she’s almost a different person. She often pops in to the office to say hello and have a chat to tell us what fantastic things she has been up to, like going out for lunch, or what she is planning to do in the future.

Getting out and about and being active has also helped Rachel to lose over two stone, which she is very proud of and so are we.

Recently Rachel volunteered to put together some bottles filled with sweets to sell at our fundraising event. She had such a brilliant time and said it was one of the best days she’s had. A few sweets may have ‘gone missing’ in the process! It was lovely to have Rachel with us feeling so happy. Thank you Rachel and well done from all of us.”

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