Ange takes on 60km swimming challenge for our 60th year

Published: March 25, 2022

Wanting to raise money so the people we support can make lifelong memories, Ange has taken on the challenge of swimming 60km to celebrate FitzRoy’s 60th year of transforming lives.

Ange, who works in FitzRoy’s IT team, said: “Just like most people, after the new year I was determined to get fit and set myself new goals. I have arthritis in my knee and I’m waiting on a knee replacement, so swimming is a great, low impact way for me to exercise. By March, I was already starting to lose motivation which is why I decided to set myself a challenge that wouldn’t just benefit me, but would also benefit the people we support at FitzRoy.

I have chosen to challenge myself to swim 60km for FitzRoy’s 60th anniversary. I am raising money for the people we support to have more holidays and experiences that bring joy to their lives.

“The days out, weekends away and holidays abroad are so important for the people we support. You know what it feels like after you have had some time away, you feel refreshed, energised – I want the people we support to have more opportunities to feel like that too.

“That’s why I am raising money and setting myself this goal – everybody deserves to make lifelong memories.”

Residents at our Kent care home, Boldshaves Oast recently enjoyed a day out taking to the water and spending the day riding and driving engine-powered boats on the River Arun in the South Downs National Park. Oliver, Keith, William, Greg, and Phillip were all supported on the boat and Oliver and Keith both piloted the boat.

Keith has always wanted to drive a boat independently and on this particular day, he got his chance. Keith said: “I loved steering the boat and I want to do it again. We went really fast and I saw some swans.”

Angela continued: “Having worked for FitzRoy for so, long it seemed right for me to take on a challenge for FitzRoy’s 60th year. Looking back on how people with learning disabilities were treated 60 years ago is completely shocking. Today, we make sure that people with learning disabilities are supported to live the life they want.”

“I am aiming to swim three times a week and want to complete 60km by the end of this year. It’s a long term challenge for me, not a race, but knowing the money is going to make such a difference is a huge incentive for me to complete it.

“On the days I don’t want to get up and swim, I will be remembering what I am doing it for, and that will give me the motivation I need.”

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