Art therapy sessions relax FitzRoy residents - FitzRoy

Art therapy sessions relax FitzRoy residents

Published: June 1, 2018

Residents at a FitzRoy residential care home in Herefordshire have been enjoying the benefits of getting creative in a weekly art therapy session.

Art therapy can help someone who has a learning disability or autism to express themselves if they have difficulty with communication, and it can be a great way to make someone feel more relaxed.

Yvonne Hooper, Deputy Service Manager, told us more.

“Art therapy has been a welcome addition for the residents here, who are absolutely loving it. Every Thursday the art therapist, Hellie, comes to help everyone create lots of beautiful things. The walls of the house, once almost bare, are now full of bright pieces of artwork. It feels like we have our own art show! We have also purchased some art cupboards which are now stuffed full of supplies.

“The benefits are clear to see. Everyone is really smiley, chatty, and relaxed while the session is taking place and some residents have even improved their hand-eye coordination.

“It’s lovely seeing the end results. Everyone particularly enjoys stamping cards and gifting them to staff or their family. It has been a great activity to help people express themselves and has left everyone feeling uplifted.”