Audrey is a local legend after 10 mile walk - FitzRoy

Audrey is a local legend after 10 mile walk

Published: July 9, 2021

Audrey has taken Uckfield by storm after she completed 10 miles for the FitzRoy Fun Day.

Audrey lives in FitzRoy’s East Sussex care home Linden Cottage, and decided to set herself the challenge of walking 10 miles to raise money for an entertainment centre for her home.

After staff posted about the challenge on the Uckfield Talk Facebook group, they were overwhelmed with the support and kind words from the community.

Support worker Sharon said: “Ever since Audrey moved to Linden Cottage last year, she has brought nothing but energy and joy to our home. She’s already done so much, such as helping with the transformation of our old garden house into our ‘cupcake cottage tea room’, and this time Audrey decided she wanted to do a 10 mile walk for the FitzRoy Fun Day.

“Audrey said she hoped she would see lots of dogs – the day before she was really excited and cleaned her trainers in preparation for the walk.

“On the day the weather wasn’t in our favour, but that didn’t stop Audrey. It was an emotional day and it was pouring with rain for so long, but Audrey didn’t complain once. She had our service manager Dean FaceTime her on her walk, and even more staff and residents turn up to walk with her – the support was overwhelming.”

The Mayoress of Uckfield, Jackie Love, even turned up to surprise Audrey. She said: “Audrey is an amazing person, she didn’t falter once with her pace, she just kept going. She’s made of grit, determination and happiness and we are all so proud of her. Well done Audrey and everyone who supported her on her walk, Linden Cottage has an amazing, caring team standing strong next to Audrey.”

Sharon said: “After Audrey finished her walk we were all so incredibly proud of her – but the support didn’t stop there. I had posted updates of Audrey’s challenge on our local Facebook group Uckfield Talk, and it just took off from there. As well as the Mayoress, we were also contacted by Wealdon police force and the Uckfield Lions to say how they had been following Audrey’s adventures after seeing the posts.

“On Tuesday, 6 July, the Mayoress came to Linden Cottage and presented Audrey with a medal. Audrey was so thrilled to receive her medal and by the reaction her walk had got – we had over 200 comments from the Facebook group encouraging her and saying well done.

“So far we have raised more than £800, and in a few weeks Wealdon police will be presenting a cheque to us as well. The money raised will be used to convert an unused building in the garden into an entertainment centre with a cinema and sensory music area. This would be brilliant for all residents because it would give them the space to have movie nights together, and somewhere to have a dance which they don’t currently have.

“Audrey and I never expected so much support, we have really built an incredible relationship with our local community.”

Service manager Dean said: “I am incredibly proud of Audrey and her achievement, she was happy to just do the walk, but was so excited to see that people had donated towards her challenge. The support from our local community is absolutely incredible, we were overwhelmed by the messages of support and encouragement. The staff involved went above and beyond and without them this wouldn’t of been possible, words aren’t enough to thank everyone for everything they do.”