Audrey’s Christmas present to Linden Cottage - FitzRoy

Audrey’s Christmas present to Linden Cottage

Published: January 7, 2022

Thanks to Audrey’s fundraising last year, her Linden Cottage housemates were able to enjoy their new cinema room which was completed on Christmas Eve.

Dean, who manages the East Sussex care home, said: “Audrey’s fundraising challenges last year raised around £2,000 for FitzRoy and the plan was to spend it on an entertainment room but thanks to Together for Cinema who donated and installed cinema equipment, we have been able to transform our old, outdated sensory room that we could no longer use into a wonderful cinema room for residents to enjoy.

“Audrey’s fundraising meant we were able to decorate the room, and could buy sofas and throws and a gorgeous rug, turning it into an amazing cinema room. We were inspired by Stacey Solomon’s Instagram account, where she posts all her cheap upcycling ideas. The whole project took about six weeks and between Audrey, Together for Cinema, the amazing staff team here, the Uckfield local community and Stacey Solomon’s ideas, it was a real group effort!

I want to say an enormous thank you to Sharon and Caitlyn who dedicated so much of their free time to make this happen, they were shopping, collecting equipment and without their hard work we wouldn't have this wonderful space for our residents to enjoy.

“This is the second of our big upcycling projects – we transformed an old shed into a Tea Room during lockdown – and it won’t be our last. We have a cocktail bar and outdoor restaurant in the pipeline. We love the idea of our residents being able to enjoy a meal and some lovely mocktails before heading to the cinema room to watch a film, so watch this space!”

Here are the below and after pictures of the transformation