Award-winning FitzRoy campaign - FitzRoy

Award-winning FitzRoy campaign

Published: September 23, 2016

FitzRoy campaign, “Who will care after I’ve gone?” has won a coveted Third Sector Award.

The winning campaign looked at the fears parents of people with learning disabilities. It gave a powerful voice to a major issue; what will happen to their children when they’re no longer around to look after them. So deep is this fear that many parents told us they hope their sons or daughters die before they do. One parent summed it up: €œWho is going to look after my daughter when I die, whose responsibility is it? I was at the hospital for 46 days and 26 nights with my daughter. Who will do that when I die?€  The findings of the research painted a depressing picture of the real pressures that parents of people with learning disabilities face every day, and are a call to arms for us all to act.

Director of Fundraising and Communications, Marianne Radcliffe, commented €œWe are absolutely thrilled that this work has been recognised by leading industry experts. We are proud to have been able to give families a voice, and that FitzRoy has been recognised nationally, up against big charities.€

In response to this campaign we began working with a grassroots, volunteer-led project to help people with disabilities find meaningful relationships, called Love4Life. This is a vital membership group that gives vulnerable adults a network of support through friendships, social events, and access to a closed Facebook group. It also plays cupid to those looking for love through chaperoning and safe dating opportunities. These opportunities are transforming lives and preventing many people with disabilities facing abuse, loneliness and the ensuing problems. Parents of the people at the service are supported to help their child develop a full and meaningful life with the structures and networks that we all take for granted.

This project relies on fundraised money, please help desperate families by donating now. Click here.