Brilliant birthdays at FitzRoy - FitzRoy

Brilliant birthdays at FitzRoy

Published: December 4, 2015

Birthdays have been big news this week! Niels Moller, who lives in Uckfield, and Trevor Greenaway, who lives in Newhaven, have both been out and about celebrating!

Niels chose to share his birthday with all his friends at FitzRoy. He had a wonderful day going out shopping and having a McDonalds. He then came home to play with his toy trucks before having a lovely birthday meal.

Mark Coleman, Deputy Manager, FitzRoy Uckfield

This week was Trevor Greenaway`s 60th Birthday. He had a party which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We then went out to the local pub with the other residents to carry on the celebration.

Denise Wareing, Service Manager, FitzRoy Newhaven