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Bursting with pride

Published: May 20, 2015
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When I heard our Drama Group at On Track had been shortlisted for a National Learning Disability Award I felt absolutely overwhelmed, and really happy to get some recognition!

Since I’ve been in this job I’ve grown as a person (mind you I’ve lost a stone). I’ve become a better person working with people with learning disabilities.

Seeing how I can make a difference in their life is amazing, it doesn’t cost anything – it is nice to be nice! You can come into work feeling a little bit down about your own problems and they always disappear because something so simple can put a smile on their face. It gives me a reality check. I come in in the mornings and everyone says âMorning Erikaâ and it gives me a buzz. So, being shortlisted for this award is totally overwhelming. I feel very proud of myself, when I normally put myself down.

We’ve been doing the drama group for seven years and it’s given me, and the guys who come, so much confidence. To see their faces on show night, when everybody is cheering for them, I feel absolutely elated â I’m starting to cry now thinking about it. I burst with pride.

If I won the lottery I would open up a drama hub â a theatre and a place that we could help build more and more people’s confidence.â Erika Wassertheurer