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Carl’s success from support worker to field trainer

Published: January 24, 2020

Carl Brown began working at FitzRoy in 2014 as a support worker in Nottingham. After five years of hard work, dedication and ambition, Carl progressed into his current role as field trainer.

We have four field trainers and they are each responsible for around 350 support workers. They are the first port of call and are a great way to make sure everybody really understands about how we work and the care that we provide. Seven months on and still loving every day of his job, Carl speaks about his ˜best career move to date’.

When I first applied for a support worker job at FitzRoy I didn’t think much about it, a friend recommended it to me. I gave it a go and I just loved it straight away. It didn’t feel like work, I was being paid to support amazing people and do things I enjoy doing.

I enjoyed a few years working as a support worker before I started to do my Health and Social Care Diploma. That was when I started to look at what I could progress into within FitzRoy. I always knew I wanted to do training because when I had my first ever induction, I loved it. I loved learning so many new things – I even said to my trainer at the time that I wanted to do his job!

I spoke to my manager and she put my name forward to do some inductions. I started to do a couple of inductions and shadowed the trainers, and it wasn’t long before a full-time field trainer position came up.

I applied for the job, not thinking I would get it. I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out I had got the job – I had progressed so quickly. I have been to job interviews before where I haven’t been too bothered about the outcome, but this one I had my heart set on. I would have been devastated if I hadn’t got it.

I had loads of time to prepare for my new role, FitzRoy were so supportive and made sure I was fully trained up. It could have been really daunting making such a big move from support worker to field trainer, but everyone was so helpful, supportive and friendly.

The job is just completely different from what I was doing before. I went from being in a team every day to being on my own and managing my own schedule. I love the freedom of the job and being able to make the role my own. I’m still really enjoying it every day; it’s been the best career move for me yet.

The best part of my job is being able to meet so many new people, I’ve always enjoyed that. At the beginning of training there might be 10 people in a room I’ve never met, but by the end of it you know everyone. I’ve always wanted to be a field trainer for that reason.

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