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Celebrating new-found confidence after a year at FitzRoy

Published: June 7, 2024

Last week, staff and people we support at our supported living service in Derbyshire celebrated their first anniversary at FitzRoy, so we took this opportunity to catch up with the team and find out more about their journey over the last 12 months.

When we first took over at the service, the staff were supporting three residents with a range of complex support needs around mental health and autism, but they had very little training or confidence in how to offer the right support. This meant that the residents could become anxious or frustrated, and sometimes their behaviour could become aggressive and the staff found this very challenging.  A year on, however, the team have embraced new training and ways of working and they also have the confidence to go with them. The impact this has had on the people we support has been incredible!

Service manager Courtney said: “From someone we support overcoming a debilitating fear of water, to another person being able to go on a drive to the beach and cope with the car breaking down twice on the way home, life looks very different at the service now. I think one of the real highlights for me has been receiving a fantastic compliment from the parent of one of the people we support, who commented on the improvements in his health and how much happier he is in himself since FitzRoy took over.”

Kim, our Mental Health Lead, continues to regularly visit the service to offer additional support. She said: “Last Thursday, we celebrated our one-year anniversary of this service joining FitzRoy. What a journey it’s been! There have been highs, lows, and lots of bumps along the way, but the team are incredible and, most importantly, so are the people we support there. The last year has taught us all that although change can be really scary, with the right attitude and support we are better together.”

The team have all achieved so much already and I’m really proud to work with such amazing people.

“They take things in their stride when it doesn’t quite go to plan and are constantly striving to push forwards and do better. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings – well done all of you!”

When FitzRoy first took on this supported living service, we conducted a full assessment of the support needs of the residents. This included several visits from our specialist teams, including our Positive Behaviour Support team and our Mental Health Lead. We put in place a training programme to make sure the staff were equipped to provide the right support, and to be confident in their own abilities, as well as being  supported to develop the FitzRoy way of working and making sure to do things with, rather than for someone.

Support worker Glory said: “I feel like FitzRoy have supported me a lot, especially with training. The management [team] have been very good, they listen and make me feel confident.” Ovwe agreed, saying: “FitzRoy is a nice place to work, inclusive ideas and a lot of diversity in the team.”

Area manager Tracy Doyle said: “The transformation from really lacking confidence in themselves last summer to winning FitzRoy’s award for team of the month in recognition of their achievements earlier this year is incredible and shows just how far the staff have come. Congratulations everyone – you all do an amazing job, which shows in success stories like Adam’s.”

We’re always looking for more motivated and caring people to join FitzRoy, so if you’d like to be part of a strong and supportive team like this one, why not check out our current vacancies?