Dog walks and tandem bike rides all count in our Around the World challenge - FitzRoy

Dog walks and tandem bike rides all count in our Around the World challenge

Published: September 18, 2020

Our Around the World in 80 Day Challenge is well underway, with over 2,000 miles completed so far, and supporters are getting involved in any way they can – from dog walking to tandem bike rides. We have caught up with some of our challengers to see how they have been getting on with their miles.

Carrie, who is FitzRoy’s assistive technologist, decided to get involved with the challenge because of how achievable it was for her. She said: “I wanted to do something to help FitzRoy this year, everyone is going through a really difficult time and it has been especially hard for the people in our services. I wanted to do that little bit extra to give something back.

“This particular challenge appealed to me because it is such an achievable challenge to do, you set your own miles your own way. It’s not a skydive or firewalk, it’s something accessible for everyone. We are all at home a lot more at the moment so it’s a great reason to get out and be active.”

“I’m clocking up my miles with my walks with my two dogs, it’s only a few miles each day but it all counts towards the big total. I personally want to raise £80 by walking 80 miles in the 80 days!

“I think this challenge represents what FitzRoy is all about – anyone can take part no matter what exercise you want to do and no matter your disability.”

Teams can also sign up for the Around the World in 80 Days Challenge, just like our group from Love4Life who have decided to tackle their miles together.

Cader, Love4Life coordinator, said: “For us it’s been really good because it’s another way of keeping in contact with our members and for our members to keep in touch with each other. Every day they post in our Facebook group about how many steps they have done, and in turn it has really inspired other members to get involved too!

“It’s giving them a real focus and something to be proud of. We have 11 members in the team so far, but it is growing week on week. I am so proud of our members for grabbing the challenge with both hands and being so enthusiastic about it.

“We originally wanted to raise £100 and complete 100 miles, but we have already surpassed that, which is just incredible. Members have been tracking their every day steps and walks and some have been really creative with their miles, like James who did a 20 miles tandem bike ride with his dad.

“It’s been a really great and accessible way for our members to exercise and push themselves without having to complete a marathon, I’m really proud of what they have achieved.”

Love4Life member Sophie said: “I love walking it makes me happy and healthy.”

It’s Not Too Late To Get Involved With Our Around The World In 80 Days Challenge – Click Here.