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Donec Mews kickstarts Around FitzRoy in 80 days

Published: May 6, 2022

The people we support at our Hampshire care home Donec Mews have officially kickstarted our Around FitzRoy in 80 Days challenge!

To celebrate our 60th year, we are inviting everyone to join our challenge and help us travel virtually around 70 FitzRoy sites, covering 839 miles, in 80 days!

We kicked off the challenge at Donec Mews as that was FitzRoy’s first ever service opened by our founder Elizabeth FitzRoy 60 years ago.

Service manager Karen said: “It’s incredible to think Donec has been supporting people for 60 years. I have a member of staff, Debbie, who celebrated 50 years of working here last year and has seen so much of what we have achieved in that time.

“I think that is why Donec has the ethos it has and why it is so special, because of Elizabeth’s motivation and how she started it.

We are lucky to have such strong roots, it’s what sets FitzRoy apart.

Anna, chief executive of FitzRoy, said: “This year is an incredible year for FitzRoy, and we’re kicking off our challenge in Donec because that is where it all started. 60 years ago Elizabeth bought this home with the inspiration and purpose to give the children a home and to realise their aspirations. And that’s what FitzRoy is all about today, we are still seeing the person, like Elizabeth did from the beginning, and this year we’re celebrating 60 years of transforming lives which is just incredible.”

How are people joining the Around FitzRoy challenge?

Everyone is welcome to join in the challenge in any way they want to.

Simon, a former FitzRoy trustee,  is taking on a cycling challenge to raise money for the people we support. We also have dog walkers, runners and swimmers.

Simon said: “I was a FitzRoy trustee for eight years, and in that time FitzRoy really broadened my outlook on life considerably. It was enormously valuable to me, to learn more about the impact of having a learning disability and the potential of the people we support. It was a real heartening journey for me.

“I’ve always enjoyed cycling, but got back into it during the pandemic. This year I decided I would cycle to Stockport because it’s a route I haven’t done before. FitzRoy’s chief executive Anna told me about the Around FitzRoy event and suddenly my cycle morphed from a holiday into a challenge.

“I am starting my journey on Sunday, 15 May and the route I am taking is around 215 miles. I am planning on cycling around 30-40 miles a day. I’m not feeling too nervous, I’m just hoping I can complete the full journey!

“I am grateful for everyone who has donated to my challenge so far, having been a trustee I know that the donations help staff go the extra mile for the people they support.”

Helping us travel Around FitzRoy in 80 days

To celebrate our 60th year, we’re asking you to join us to run, walk, cycle, wheel – move anyway you can – to help us travel virtually around 70 FitzRoy sites covering 839 miles. You can do as much or as little as you choose, and all are welcome to get involved. It’s never been more important for us to break down barriers for people with learning disabilities and autism. Sign up now and every penny you raise will help someone experience more independence, more choice, and more joy.
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