Finding freedom with FitzRoy - FitzRoy

Finding freedom with FitzRoy

Published: August 4, 2017

Alice has lived in a FitzRoy Supported Living house in Suffolk for a year now. Within that year, the boundaries that held Alice back from doing things that she loves have fallen away, and she has found freedom. Deputy Manager, Shannon Hoskison, told us Alice’s story.

“Before Alice came to FitzRoy Supported Living, she lived in her family home with her Mum and Dad and attended a day centre five days a week. Alice has limited ability to walk so she used to crawl a lot. Alice is also insulin dependent and has injections four times a day so, if she was not with her Mum or at the day centre, her access to the community was limited to where or how far she could go as she had to wait in for a community nurse to administer her insulin.

Since moving to her new home however, all of this has changed. Alice has more space so, with the help and encouragement of her Support Workers, she is walking much more and loves exploring! The support staff in her house are also trained to administer her insulin. This means that Alice is no longer limited to where she can go or what time she has to return.

Alice can now happily spend her time doing the things she loves without limits, and is flourishing with her new found independence. She enjoys going to the seaside, the zoo, the fairground, swimming, and out for meals or to the pub with her housemates.”