First impressions don’t always count - FitzRoy

First impressions don’t always count

Published: August 21, 2015
Sometimes first impressions need to be put aside for two worlds to come together to achieve something great.

FitzRoy supported living in Trafford desperately needed someone to come and give the fence in front of the property a lick of paint. With funds unavailable and no one able to dedicate time to the job, it seemed that the fence would continue to suffer the elements. That was until the probation service was recommended to Angela Slate, FitzRoy Service Manager.

Initially, when we decided to invite the probationers to paint the fence, I had a few worries. We also discovered the probationers had some worries too. Because of the amount of bad publicity the care industry receives, the probationers were concerned that we would be ˜one of those places that doesn’t look after the people who live there’.

It turned out that we were both wrong about each other! The probationers turned up, and were brilliant with the tenants. The team worked really hard for four days painting the fence and anything else that needed a bit of care and attention. They all did an outstanding job and made the garden look so much better for everyone here.