First trip outside in 10 years - FitzRoy

First trip outside in 10 years

Published: April 13, 2018

Nicky, a 59-year-old gentleman that FitzRoy supports at the Lambs supported living in Basingstoke, had not been outside in 10 years. Then last week his support worker managed to persuade him to take a trip to the local shops

A bad experience walking in the snow over a decade ago left Nicky feeling very afraid and scared of leaving the house. He is blind and has autism, and he would get anxious and freeze as soon as he got to the front door. The staff at Lambs have been giving regular encouragement to take that first step outside and supporting him so that he feels safe.

This week, during the weekly fire alarm test, Nicky’s support worker Jesus managed to encourage him outside, and with constant reassurance he persuaded him to take a walk to the local shop for some sweets.

Jesus encouraged him to touch trees and lamp posts, feel bark and plants, and listen to all the sounds around him. Because Nicky has a heightened sense of smell, he really enjoyed smelling the leaves and plants. Nicky walked outside with Jesus for over half an hour and had a big smile on his face the whole time.

Nicky was happy and relaxed, which is a huge change from six months ago when he would spend just three hours of the day out of bed.

Louise, Deputy Manager at Lambs said:

“To see such a transformation in Nicky is so lovely and shows how regular and consistent encouragement can benefit the people we support. The staff have worked so much to help Nicky, it’s great to see him achieving something he has not been able to do in 10 years.”

Louise and her staff now intend to keep up the trips outside and the next goal for Nicky is to attend a BBQ in the summer.

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