FitzRoy drama group perform at Brendoncare over 60’s club - FitzRoy

FitzRoy drama group perform at Brendoncare over 60’s club

Published: May 25, 2017

FitzRoy Day and Community centre in Petersfield Hampshire, On Track, are famous for their fantastic drama group. Recently some of the members were asked to perform at a drop in club for the over 60’s run by Brendoncare.

Erica, Support Worker and leader of the Drama Group, told us more.

Everyone got changed into their costumes and had a short rehearsal before we all excitedly hopped on the minibus to the Brendoncare club in Petersfield.

The club members were gathered in anticipation for the performance, and were all really welcoming. One by one On Track members took the stage to perform their pieces. These included a Bruno Mars number, ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen, ‘Kung Foo Fighting’, and ‘I am What I am’. Everyone performed their hearts out and did brilliantly.

The highlight of the show came in the form of the final number, ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ in Makaton sign language. The audience absolutely loved it, and were all smiling and happily singing along.

For me seeing members of On Track drama group performing and enjoying themselves, is the best buzz in the world. The pride everyone feels when they’re in front of an audience is plain to see, and it’s priceless.

FitzRoy and Brendoncare have partnered for the Spinnaker Tower abseil on 25 June. Jim Apted, Community Fundraising Coordinator, said,

We are thrilled to be sharing a day of abseiling with Brendoncare. Both FitzRoy and Brendoncare provide services that help tackle loneliness and isolation. The only difference being that Brendoncare provide services for the elderly, and FitzRoy for people with learning disabilities and autism.