Friends pull together to build Frances a ramp - FitzRoy

Friends pull together to build Frances a ramp

Published: June 25, 2021


Frances’ friends have worked together to help build a ramp at our Boldshaves Oast care home in Kent after Frances began finding it more difficult to spend time with her friends and husband.

Frances lives with her husband Jonathon in a little house that is separate from the main building at Boldshaves. Deputy manager Michael said: “Frances has lived with us for around 10 years, but since 2020 her mobility has declined quite quickly. This year she became more dependant on her wheelchair – it meant she couldn’t easily move into the main house to socialise with her friends and her husband Jonathon. We straight away said ‘this can’t happen’ – and began looking into having a ramp installed.

“We are lucky enough to have Chris, who is our on-site woodwork coordinator who runs workshops with the people we support. Together they’ve created some brilliant things for Boldshaves, including hand sanitiser stations at the beginning of the pandemic!

“Building the ramp was a great project for them all. Once the work began, it was incredible to see everybody get involved. Jonathon, Frances’ husband, was especially a big help – everyone just pitched in and united to get the ramp done as soon as possible.

It really showed how much of a family feel we have at Boldshaves, everyone was determined to do whatever they could to help.

Woodwork coordinator Chris said: “I teach woodwork at Boldshaves Oast, and the workshops always give the people we support a sense of pride. The skills they have learned really came to light when building the ramp. Greg was great at bringing the wood over, and Jonathon drilled holes – everyone had a job to do. Jonathon was thrilled to bits to be able to help his wife.”

Michael said: “I am so proud of the whole team for their work – they followed health and safety regulations, and the ramp was completed just in time for the glorious weather. Frances has easily been able to join her friends and her husband in the garden to enjoy it. The impact it has had on her is incredible, it’s given her the choice and the freedom to come and socialise whenever she wants.”