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Growing in confidence

Published: January 26, 2017

Mark, a Fitzroy Support Worker in Basingstoke, shares a particularly inspiring story. Here it is in his words.

For 18 months I’ve had the pleasure of supporting a gentleman by the name of Victor Baker. When I first met him I saw that he was suffering from low self-esteem and severely lacking in confidence, so I set about helping him make positive changes.

Through close working and discussing personal goals he has come a long way. Determined to focus on his abilities and not his disability, all our staff have used positive re-enforcement techniques whilst encouraging Victor to develop the confidence to be more independent.

The results have been amazing. He is proud and happy to have developed the self-confidence to be able to do more things for himself; things previously he would never have done. Now he is saving, planning for the future, going on his own to the doctor, and most importantly he has a girlfriend. Together they go to local clubs, play bingo and pool, and have fun doing romantic things.

Simply by talking and listening, Victor has grown in confidence and is much more in charge of his life. We are all looking forward to seeing more and more happy changes for Victor in the future.