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Jane enjoys her first holiday in 60 years

Published: August 30, 2019

After a difficult year of extensive building work on her home, our support workers decided to surprise Jane with her first holiday in 60 years.

Jane, who we support at her home in Norfolk, has dealt with a massive change in her daily life this year, with a lot of work being carried out on her house due to damage caused during previous building work after a flood.

Knowing this was a lot for Jane to be dealing with, our incredible support workers decided to put a smile back on Jane’s face.

Speaking to deputy manager, Hannah Smith, she said: Jane has had quite a difficult year and lots to deal with. The extensive building work has been a massive upset to Jane’s routine!

Jane had to go and stay in a chalet in Caister for a whole week, which is a village along the coast from where she lives. Jane wasn’t keen on this but coped very well. At the end of the week, support worker Chrissy picked Jane up and took her on a short break to Skegness.

Jane stayed in a Premier Inn which had very helpful staff, one member of staff made Jane a little booklet about what to do around Skegness and Lincolnshire. When Jane got into her hotel room, she was chuffed that she had a kettle and tea bags in her room!

Jane visited lots of places and did lots of activities. She had her nails done, visited the zoo, played bingo (which she loves! Bingo is her biggest hobby!), went shopping, went to a seal sanctuary, had a bus trip along the sea front and visited the cathedral and the castle.

This has been very rewarding for Chrissy as Jane loved every minute of the trip and even thanked Chrissy at the end. Roll on the next holiday!

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