Kirsty gets ready for her bravest challenge yet - FitzRoy

Kirsty gets ready for her bravest challenge yet

Published: July 24, 2020

After the success of her 100 miles in 100 days challenge last year, Kirsty has taken the plunge and signed up to ‘brave the shave’ to raise money for FitzRoy.

Kirsty, who we have supported for two years, raised more than £400 last year for FitzRoy’s Nottingham Support at Home service. After using the money to help pay for an allotment everyone can enjoy and their Christmas party, Kirsty was inspired to take on her next challenge.

Deputy service manager Nicola said: “We had a look online at fundraising ideas, and after joking about doing bungee jumps and skydives I mentioned a headshave – without being serious – but Kirsty absolutely jumped at the idea and said she would love to do it!

“I said it was a big decision and to take some time to think about it, but after speaking to her family she was completely set that she wanted to do it to raise money for FitzRoy. She is so excited to be doing something to give back, she is truly such a generous person. With the money raised from her previous challenge Kirsty bought presents for everyone at the Christmas party, and I think seeing how happy it made everyone has just inspired her even more.

"I have managed to secure us a local allotment spot and with some of the money leftover from her last challenge I have been able to buy a shed for the allotment. Kirsty is really excited to see it - it will be a great communal place for people to sit and have a cup of tea and chat. I know how caring Kirsty is, and for her to see what an impact she has made just spurs her on even more."

Kirsty’s headshave challenge will be taking place on Friday 4 September, and she hopes to raise £500 so she can put a smile on everyone’s face at Christmas once again.

“When Nicola suggested a headshave I thought yes, let’s do it! I’m not nervous at all I’m actually really excited. If I reach my £500 target I would feel delighted.

“Seeing the money I raised last year go towards a shed for the allotment makes me feel really good about myself because I have done something for a good cause, and a cause that supports me and is close to my heart. FitzRoy helps me and I want to give back. I feel motivated to do this headshave and I want to do a different challenge every year for FitzRoy.

“I just love raising money, I think people should donate because it is for a good cause for people with learning disabilities and autism and it would benefit us and our allotment.”

Speaking about how her team have pulled together through lockdown, Nicola said: “I am so immensely proud of my staff team as a whole. They have come up with so many creative ways of supporting through lockdown and have been brilliant in keeping the people we support in contact with family.

“I think they have gone above and beyond, one thing we have also really focused on is making sure the mental health of the people we support is okay. Nationally there has been a big focus on protecting our physical health, but often mental health is overlooked. We have made sure we are doing regular welfare phone check ins for all the people we support.

“All our staff and the people we support have pulled together so well through this, I think the British way of ‘keep calm and carry on’ has really driven us through and I couldn’t be more grateful to my team.”

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