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Krena with staff and flowers after performance

Krena Overcomes Challenges and Shines on Stage

Published: July 14, 2023

 25 year old Krena has always dreamed of performing on stage but has struggled to find the confidence to do so. After studying drama at college and being supported by staff, Krena finally had the opportunity to fulfil her dream and perform on stage last month.

We’ve supported 25 year old Krena since 2016 at one of our supported living services in Birmingham. Service manager Danielle said, “Krena is a really bubbly and enthusiastic girl, she sings and dances around the house all the time, but she can be quite shy around unfamiliar people and she’s never had the confidence to perform in front of people.

“Krena recently finished her college course, part of the course was a drama module with the end goal being a performance. So, the staff have been supporting Krena in overcoming her anxieties and building up her confidence to perform, and she did! It’s a really massive achievement for her and we’re all so proud.

“She played the Queen and a very sassy queen she was! Her personality really shone through in her performance and it was just lovely to see.”

Reflecting on her experience, Krena said:

I was nervous at first and relieved after it was over, but I think it went awesome. I want to do it again!

Danielle continued: “The staff have been amazing with Krena in how they’ve helped to build her confidence in performing. In the run up to her performance, they organised talent shows, karaoke sessions, and played Just Dance at home.  Initially, she performed in front of just her housemate Keely, but once she felt comfortable, she extended her audience to include staff. Just by taking those gradual steps, it really helped to build up her confidence.

“Furthermore, the staff’s unwavering support and willingness to participate actively have demonstrated to Krena that it is perfectly fine to be herself and express her bubbly and outgoing personality in front of others. Their involvement without fear or hesitation has had a profound impact on Krena’s journey.

“After the performance, staff bought Krena flowers and we went out for a celebratory meal the following day with her housemate Keely, who had also just finished her exams. It was really important that they both felt their accomplishments being recognised and celebrated.

The way that the staff have been with Krena has not only enhanced her confidence and motivation in this particular situation but will also have a positive impact on various other aspects of her life. This support will inspire her to set new goals for herself in the future, as she now realises her capabilities and believes in her ability to achieve them.