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Love4Life has transformed Sophie’s life

Published: December 1, 2016

Before joining Love4Life, 24 year old Sophie was very shy and didn’t have much of a social life. She also had very little self-confidence and faith in herself. Since joining, Sophie has gained lots of friends and also has a boyfriend. Sophie attended a Love4Life self-confidence workshop, and used the skills she learned in a job interview, which helped her secure a job! Hayley Ostler, Love4Life Coordinator, caught up with Sophie to ask about her new job as a carer for the elderly.

H: What does it feel like to have a job Sophie? S: I feel amazing having a job it’s great to know someone wants me.

H: Were you nervous about starting your new job? S: Yes I was nervous but excited.

H: What skills did you learn in the self-confidence workshop that helped you in your interview? S: I learned lot with the confidence course not to be nervous for interviews. I feel like the workshop helped me so much – that’s why I got the job.

H: Are you enjoying working? S: I’m really tired, but really enjoying it!

Sophie also said how happy she is in her life at the moment. She is in a loving 6 month relationship with her boyfriend who she met at Love4Life, she has a great group of friends she has made from Love4Life and now a job top it all off.

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