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Love4Life members given a ‘communication lifeline’ with iPad donation

Published: June 26, 2020

As Love4Life online workshops continue to be an outstanding success, members Phil, Emma and Nicky can now join the sessions from their very own iPad thanks to a generous donation from their local masonic lodge.

Love4Life received a donation of £350 from Hermes Lodge for technology that would enable members to attend online events, and Love4Life coordinator Hayley knew immediately where she wanted the gift to go.

She said: “Phil, Emma and Nicky all live together and currently use their carer’s laptop, so they were limited to what Love4Life online events they could access. I thought the donation would really benefit them so I nominated them to receive this wonderful gift.

“We have been holding so many successful classes in lockdown, such as online fitness classes like zumba which our members love. We also all tune in every morning to do the Joe Wicks workouts together – it’s brilliant because even members who wouldn’t normally exercise have been taking part. It’s also really beneficial for their mental wellbeing.

“We have also been running online sessions teaching Makaton, Spanish, and cooking! The cooking workshops are really popular, we send out the list of ingredients each week and members cook the meals for their family members.

“Members have said how much they love the classes and they wouldn’t know what they would have done in lockdown without them. It’s also been a really great support network for the group, if one member is having a down day the rest help pick them up and are brilliant at making them feel better. It’s amazing to see.

“The classes are doing so well we will definitely keep an element of online workshops even when we can do face to face ones again.”

“It’s fantastic to give such a wonderful gift that will work as a communication lifeline for Phil, Emma and Nicky. Phil loves using his laptop for games but his laptop is quite old now, so he’s looking forward to being able to play other games on the iPad. Emma will use the iPad to help her communication skills which is just amazing, and Nicky now has a boyfriend, Leon, who she met at Love4Life so she can use the iPad to Facetime him. Thank you so much to Hermes Lodge, we are very grateful.

“I also want to thank all our Love4Life members for being so amazing in lockdown, we are so grateful for all our members and how positive they have all remained through this really difficult time.”

Love4Life has also had some brilliant news this week, as members Ryan and Sophie got engaged! After meeting through Love4Life, Ryan and Sophie took the next step in their relationship when Ryan popped the question on Sunday 23 June. Congratulations!

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