Making a house a home - FitzRoy

Making a house a home

Published: January 5, 2018

Imagine not being able to cook a meal in your own kitchen. Victor, who is supported to live in his own home in Basingstoke, hadn’t been able do this for over three years.

He had hoarded a lot of things that had started to fill up his house and make it cluttered and unusable. Deputy Manager, Louise Robertson, told us about how, with lots of support from FitzRoy, Victor’s house has become a home.

Support workers had tried to help Victor with his hoarding tendencies over the years, but he struggled to let go of things he didn’t use anymore. It had started to get the point where he regularly had to go out to eat meals because he couldn’t use his kitchen and it was limiting the way he lived.

To support Victor, we spent lots of time talking through his worries and anxieties and made a plan to help him achieve his goals. We worked alongside him and got rid of some of his things together. By doing this we managed to clear more space for him to enjoy.

It was a big personal challenge for Victor, but the changes have meant that he is smiling a lot more and is proud of his home again. Because of the progress he has made he can now happily cook a delicious meal in his own kitchen, which is a massive success. Victor now has lots of new goals planned and is even thinking about going on holiday with all the money he will have saved by not eating meals out!

There is still work left to do, but I am confident that he will achieve his goals with the help of his support staff, who have gone above and beyond. Victor now feels so proud of his home that he is looking forward to inviting friends over for the first time in years!”