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Making lifelong memories at Boldshaves Oast

Published: July 8, 2022

Summer has begun and the people we support in our Kent care home Boldshaves Oast are busy doing all the things they love again. From kayaking to festivals, we caught up with deputy manager Michael to find out more.

Michael said:

“I love  supporting our residents to create lifelong memories and making their ideas and wishes come to life and. Now the weather is getting nicer, everyone is planning their summer activities and events, from gigs and festivals to nights out. At Boldshaves we are exactly the same. Over the past six weeks we’ve had a group going to festivals three weekends in a row, they’re going to pub gigs in the evening – there’s just so much going on. Everyone is feeling so fulfilled and excited for the summer – it’s incredible seeing people gain their confidence again in trying new things.

“We’re really making up for lost time during covid, and although all the things we do are fun and exciting, the activities we plan are also pushing the boundaries for the people we support and supporting them to grow their experiences and their skills, as well as to figure out what they like, what they don’t like, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. It’s a privilege to be able to support our residents on that journey.

“I took Oliver and Judith kayaking last year, and they loved it so much I knew it was something they wanted to do again. On Friday, Judith asked me ‘when are we going to go kayaking again?’, and so we decided to head out for a trip the next morning.

“It was such a brilliant day, Oliver and Judith love being on the water and in nature, and the route we took was so tranquil with the most beautiful views. Recently Oliver has been feeling more anxious, but doing physical activity like kayaking really helps him to focus and feel less stressed.

“We were out for an hour and a half but next time we’re going to do the three hour trip and have William and Keith join us as well.


Michael said: “The people we support at Boldshaves are always up for trying something new, and I’m quite an outgoing person who loves to come up with new ideas, so together we are always having fun.  I want them to live the best lives they possibly can and we do everything we can to support that. We really do do some amazing things – at the end of the year Greg is going to Greece again and Judith and Adele are going to go to Spain.”

I loved it and I really want to go again. Next time I want to go swimming in the river and kayak further down the river.