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New friendships blossom in lockdown

Published: July 31, 2020

While facing a tough lockdown with staff members and residents having to self isolate, the team at our registered care home in Kent have worked hard to welcome George (left), who moved in a few weeks ago, who has sparked joy across the service.

Debbie, service manager at Turnbull Close, said: “When lockdown began in March we had 50 per cent of my team off. It was a really stressful time, every day we were receiving calls from staff who were presenting symptoms and had to self isolate. It was really tough and everybody was worried, it did get to the point where it was affecting our lives as a whole.

“Our number one priority was to keep everybody safe, in total we had to isolate three residents at Turnbull, it was very challenging keeping them in their bedrooms. We made sure that we had cleaning stations outside each of their rooms with PPE and staff worked so hard to keep them safe.

“When we were told George was going to be moving in, of course at first we were apprehensive because of how difficult the past few months had been. We also had to make sure George hadn’t come into contact with anybody with coronavirus before he moved in.

“After coming for a couple of visits, George moved in on 3 July and it has honestly worked out brilliantly. George is a big character and he has fitted in so well. Jeremy was one of our first residents at Turnbull Close in 1993 and has never got very close to any other residents, but him and George got on immediately. They like to sit with each other and really enjoy each other’s company, and sometimes go out for drives together.


“The pictures taken of George and Jeremy together were just amazing to see, you can really see their absolute delight in being together. It’s really lovely, and I am so proud of my team for making it happen and moving in George so smoothly in such a difficult time.”

“My team have pulled together so well during lockdown, and we definitely haven’t had it easy. But they have still managed to put on parties, cooking workshops and other activities, as well as arranging drive by’s so the people we support can see their family, which is such a boost.

“We have also managed to employ four new support workers and a cleaner during lockdown through video interviews, which is brilliant. I’m so proud of how my team have coped through the biggest challenges we have faced, and to see a friendship blossom from lockdown is just a testament to how hardworking my staff have been.”

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