People we support love volunteering! - FitzRoy

People we support love volunteering!

Published: January 23, 2018

FitzRoy’s day service in Fakenham Norfolk, the Maltings, are proud to provide life-changing opportunities. After a meeting in which the members decided they’d like more involvement in running the service, the team set up a forward-thinking volunteer scheme. Nikki Newstead, Manager, told us more:

“We are incredibly proud of our members who are keen to help out and give their time and skills to make the Maltings a wonderful place to be. Members choose to sign up as volunteers, and they are then shown how to take on new responsibilities. They may help at mealtimes, buddy with a new member to help them settle in, or show visitors around. It gives them a chance to get involved and find their niche, for example Ben loves washing up, and every day after lunch he is in charge of clearing and cleaning and sorting out the dishwashers. James comes in every morning and runs the breakfast club, keeping everyone happy with tea and toast he says that this job makes him feel valued and he likes that.

We asked Tom what the best thing about being a volunteer was and he told us that he thought it was good to help people who weren’t as able as he was. He liked ‘helping them to have a better day’.

Since we have been running this scheme the members have felt a much greater sense of ownership and their confidence has really improved. It has led to them volunteering out in the community, at an animal sanctuary and at a Sue Ryder charity shop.

They are particularly looking forward to volunteering at a day when other care providers and health and social care tutors from local colleges are coming to the Maltings to find out what it is like working in the learning disability sector. Our volunteers will be making the teas and coffees, running the catering, and showing people around. It is a brilliant opportunity for our members to be ambassadors for the sector.”