Positive feedback gives FitzRoy staff a much-needed boost following a sad time - FitzRoy

Positive feedback gives FitzRoy staff a much-needed boost following a sad time

Published: April 6, 2018

FitzRoy staff praised for their excellent care, compassion and the rapport they have with the people they support.

Our registered care home, Hipswell Highway in Coventry, has gone through a tough time recently, sadly losing two of the people we support to cancer. However, spirits have been lifted by feedback from mental health professionals in Coventry, whom staff have been working closely with.

Dr Hafsa Sheikh, Speciality Doctor, Intellectual Disability in Coventry said:

“I am always impressed with the Fitzroy Team at Hipswell Highway and at Lee Gordon House. The staff have always been very compassionate with their residents and are extremely efficient in making sure all physical health aspects have been looked into.”

Paul Yarnold, Learning Disabilities Intensive Support Team, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust said:

“We are always impressed with Fitzroy as a Provider. Jayne and her team welcomed our input from day one and were honest and open in sharing information. Monitoring forms were filled in accurately and appropriately, communication across their team was effective, they embraced any suggestions and demonstrated creativity in attempting to meet needs. It is evident that the therapeutic rapport between the staff and the people they support is a strong and effective one. All staff showed genuine care and compassion and a willingness to go above and beyond as necessary.”

Responding to this wonderful feedback, Service Manager Jayne Norton told us:

“It’s been a really sad time dealing with two deaths in a matter of weeks but I am really proud of the staff for their positivity and working together as a team to get the best for the people we support. It’s been really uplifting and inspiring to receive such positive feedback from Dr Hafsa and Paul and it has made us realise we do make a difference.

“One of the people we support was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months ago so we did everything we could to help him and his family. He sadly passed away in February and, not long after, another person we support, with mental health needs, went into hospital with a chest infection. Blood tests revealed he also had cancer and he passed away two weeks later which was a big shock. We pulled out the stops to make sure he had care around the clock at the end.

“Everything we do at Hipswell is about making people’s lives as fulfilled as possible. Whatever they want to do we will support them, get them back into their community and give them the best quality of life.

“Dr Hafsa told me that the people we support couldn’t have received better care, which is a huge endorsement for the difference we make. I’m delighted that our approach has been recognised by the health professionals we work with.”