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Two people smile for the camera as they play golf on a homemade mini indoor golf course

Rhonda’s creativity doesn’t let rain stop play

Published: March 1, 2024

At FitzRoy we aim to live our values of being brave, creative, and seeing the person every day, just as our founders did all those years ago. Rhonda, who’s worked in one of our supported living teams in Coventry since 2021, is a great example of our values in action. Service manager Emma tells us: “Rhonda is always thinking of another way to do things and make it fun and accessible. She’s full of brilliant ideas and really lives the values of being creative and putting the people we support at the centre of everything we do.

“Recently, Rhonda pulled together folders full of information about things the people we support can do in the local area, from listing out places or events they can attend for free to how to get discount cards. She included a section where residents can add their own ideas and comments. She’s really good at getting people to come out of their shell and get involved, our residents are loving it and have suggested things they think could go in there too.”

Last year Rhonda found a great way to combat boredom for one of the people we support during some particularly miserable weather. The first Emma knew of it was when she visited the flat:

I walked in and found this amazing mini golf course laid out – it went right the way round the flat, through all the rooms. It made me quite emotional, with how much thought and dedication had gone into it. All the obstacles were made out of things you’d have at home, and they’d had so much fun making them – then had this incredible course to enjoy, on a really miserable winter’s day. It was a fantastic demonstration of how living our value of being creative can made such a difference for the people we support.

At FitzRoy we like to focus on what people can do, not what they can’t! Emma adds: “Rhonda has been in touch with the training team about organising life skills classes for the people we support, including a basic first aid course, which should be fun but also equip our residents with really useful skills.”

We believe in our people and support staff to grow and develop throughout their career with us. Emma says: “I believe Rhonda would be a brilliant senior support worker – she absolutely embodies the FitzRoy values and is the epitome of an outstanding support worker. When she’s ready to take that next step, I’ll be really proud to support her to do so.”

We’re always looking for warm, caring, and creative people. If you are buzzing with ideas and naturally creative, check out our current vacancies here.