Rothko and Omid’s ice experience - FitzRoy

Rothko and Omid’s ice experience

Published: December 14, 2017

Staff at FitzRoy Silver Birches in Richmond pulled out all the stops to provide a wonderful winter ice skating experience for residents Rothko and Omid. Ana, Support Worker, told us more.

When Rothko and Omid arrived at the only Olympic-size rink in London (Streatham Leisure Centre), the two housemates showed no hesitation. This was Rothko’s first time on the ice, and Omid hadn’t been in quite a long time. With support from myself and Tony, another member of the FitzRoy Silver Birches team, the two wheelchairs glided on ice to the best of our ability. Without any extra equipment required, the wheelchairs rested directly on ice as we pushed them while wearing ice skates.

Rothko and Omid are non-verbal but even so, have much to say! Their eyes looking all around the new environment and their happy sounds told us this was an experience worth having. By the end of the evening, both were relaxed and even had the chance to curiously touch bits of solid ice. The peaceful return home on the train meant it had been a fulfilling evening. The pair were all smiles after their new experience and hopefully made some unforgettable memories.”