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Sam has a blast on her holiday to Butlins

Published: November 5, 2021

As restrictions ease, the people we support are finally able to get away on their long-awaited holidays. Sam, who lives in our Basingstoke supported living service, recently went on a fun filled trip to Butlins, her first holiday in three years.

Sam was supported on her holiday by support worker Karen, and they spent four nights at Butlins in Bognor Regis. Karen said: “When we were approaching Butlins and I told Sam that we were nearly there, her face lit up with excitement.”

Sam had a choice of what she wanted to do. The very first thing she wanted to do was to get her nails done!

Sam was blessed with lovely weather for her entire stay, and spent lots of time on the beach relaxing and collecting shells. She also went shopping and treated herself to a new pair of trainers which she absolutely loves. Service manager Christine told us: “Sam absolutely loves fashion, she always always looks nice, she loves to go shopping for clothes and has a good eye for fashion.”

Butlins hosted some amazing evening events such as magic acts and live music. This was right up Sam’s street as she is a massive fan of Queen and was over the moon when their music started playing. She was socialising and dancing every night and made lots of new friends.

Sam loves cheesy mash and trying to encourage her to try new foods to her is always a challenge, but while on holiday she ate amazingly well and tried lots of different foods,  which we are trying to carry on with back at home.

Sam enjoyed her holiday so much that she has already booked next years holiday to Benidorm.

Christine said: “Sam loves to help her support staff and will often offer to make them tea and coffee. She also looks out for the other people we support at Jellicoe and will worry about them if they are not well. Even though everyone has their own self contained flats here, there are lots of lovely communal area and Sam is a wonderful housemate. She makes us smile every day, she is a real character and everyone loves her!”