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Senior Support Worker saves the day

Published: April 12, 2017

When a little duckling slipped and fell into a drain, a quick-thinking Senior Support Worker averted tragedy, and made someone’s day.

Callum McDonald, saw the tiny duckling slip into a drain when crossing with her mother. He rushed to the rescue and, with a few of the neighbours and people we support, tried to return her to her mum and siblings.

One of our neighbours called the RSPCA who advised putting the duckling as close to her mum as possible. Sadly, this didn’t work, so FitzRoy staff took the baby duckling to the vet, who kindly checked her over for free. Luckily, she was completely unharmed.

Callum introduced Gareth to the duckling, and it was love at first sight. Gareth immediately took to the duckling, and helped to create a warm home for her. He hugely enjoyed looking after her, and this has helped him become calm. It has even reduced some challenging behaviour brought on by a recent change of medication. We’ve supported Gareth for a year now and this is the most focused I’ve ever seen him. The duckling, who has been named Gloria, has worked wonders!”

Kimberley Knights, Deputy Manager, FitzRoy Supported Living in Nottinghamshire