Social success for FitzRoy Nottingham

Published: January 8, 2016

The FitzRoy Nottingham team held their first ever coffee morning last month where a few amazing things were achieved. Bev Pearson, Community Fundraising Coordinator for FitzRoy told us all about it.

In Nottingham we are keen to promote social inclusion and look at how FitzRoy service users can get together and build relationships, confidence and gain new skills.

The coffee morning was our first social event so we didn’t know what to expect. However, it proved to be lots of fun and we had over 20 people in attendance! We even had a few personal successes.

Angela is not good in crowds. However, she managed to come to our busy coffee morning and stay for the whole event which was a massive achievement. She even took part in the raffle and won some prizes!

Andy typically only ever sees one person at a time and doesn’t like social situations or meeting new people. Nevertheless, Andy came to the morning with his friend Neal and engaged in all the activities. He even seemed happy to join us at a future event.

Tim just loved the cakes and he gave us the ‘thumbs up’ for all our efforts. Whilst Alison who has lots of support says she would be happy to help us to run events on tapestry or aromatherapy.

A big thank you to our local Morrison’s who supplied drinks and to Boots who donated some raffle prizes. A good time really was had by all!

We hope in the future this will become a project we can develop to include workshops, social activities and outings.”