Support Worker gets creative in Norfolk

Published: March 10, 2017

Isobel, who is supported by FitzRoy in Norfolk, loves all things Disney. This includes a trip to Disneyland Paris a few years ago. Maria Baker, Service Manager, told us about how Isobel’s Support Workers got creative so she could extend her passion to the garden.

Isobel and her six housemates share the garden at their house. Each of them have their own raised bed which they choose what to do with, so Isobel’s key team thought it would be nice to help make her section all things Disney!

They set about having a bespoke piece of artwork designed to go on the fence. Using her iPad, Isobel and Nick, a Support Worker and amazing artist, spent time researching Disney characters she would like to be in her garden.

Nick designed the artwork and drew it free hand onto a big piece of wood, which was then painted. Everyone worked together with some help from Sandeep, Isobel’s housemate, to finish it. The piece now stands proudly in the garden behind Isobel’s raised bed. Thank you to Nick and Isobel’s key team, who went the extra mile to help her personalise her part of the garden.