Support Worker goes above and beyond to make dreams come true!

Published: September 16, 2016

Donald is supported by FitzRoy Support at Home in Norfolk. Bob, one of his Support Workers, realised not everything was as it seemed when Donald was hesitant to go on holiday. Bob stepped in and helped make dreams come true. Ginny Margison, Support at Home Manager, told us how.

Despite looking through a number of brochures, Donald still seemed reluctant to go on holiday and couldn’t see anything that took his fancy. Bob, Donald’s quick thinking key worker, realised that this wasn’t about deciding where to go on holiday but the fact that Donald would be leaving his girlfriend behind and it was becoming obvious that this was the issue!

As we don’t support Donald’s girlfriend, there was a slight problem. However Bob didn’t let that stand in the way. He spoke to his Donald’s girlfriends’ family and managed to put everything in place. Finally, they made a decision to go on holiday to Butlins in Skegness!

They spent the week doing their favourite activities like bowling and snooker. They also enjoyed the competitiveness of trying to beat Bob! Everyone had a brilliant time and there were smiles all round. Talks of coming back next year showed that they were happy and living their dream!

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