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Supporting John to maintain his independence

Published: February 18, 2022

John currently lives at one of our supported living services in Norfolk, where he has his own flat. As John grows older, our incredible staff continue to support John to maintain his independence.

John and his support worker Megan recently self-isolated together over the weekend as John prepared for an operation the following Monday. As he wasn’t able to leave his home, Megan found creative ways to support John to do his favourite activities.

We caught up with Megan to find out more. She told us:

I wanted to make sure he was still able to enjoy his weekend! John usually loves to be active and outdoors, so I wanted him to feel no difference even though he had to self-isolate.

“We have activity cards where the people we support can choose which activity they want to do. John chose baking and crafts – so that’s how we spent our Saturday afternoon.

“I supported John to bake himself a cake, I weighed out the ingredients for him, and he added the ingredients and mixed them up himself.

“He was so happy baking. He had a huge smile on his face. He was concentrating on making sure he was doing everything right. His favourite part of the process was eating the finished product. He devoured his cake!

“On Sunday John helped me make his roast dinner. He peeled potatoes and washed the vegetables. Then he had a relaxed evening, drawing and listening to his favourite music before his operation on Monday.

“John loves music, especially Abba and Elvis Presley. As a support worker, the best bit of the job is getting to know the person that you are supporting. It is lovely to understand what brings someone joy and how you can help them achieve it. That’s why we’re going to take him to the theatre to watch Mamma Mia in the next few months – he is very excited.

“Communication is a key skill you need when being a support worker. A great tool we use is Makaton. Makaton uses symbols, signs, and speech to enable people to communicate and be understood. After I attended a Makaton course, I shared some Makaton signs with John’s other support workers so they can use them too.

“I love my job as a support worker. I’ve been working with FitzRoy since April 2019, I was only 18 when I first started. I have always wanted to work in care and working with FitzRoy has exceeded my expectations.

“I was initially working night shifts, then I progressed into working during the day. This is where I got to really know the people we support – planning activities and learning more about the role.

“Working in care can be challenging, but it’s such a rewarding career. I get pushed out of my comfort zone regularly, but I love a challenge. This role is a perfect fit for me!

The management team at Norfolk have been amazing. They have shaped me into who I have become today.

“I can’t see myself doing anything else. I want to progress in my career at FitzRoy and with the continued support from my manager Ginny I’ll be able to achieve my goals. I absolutely love my job and the people we support.”

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