The Great FitzRoy Bake Off - FitzRoy

The Great FitzRoy Bake Off

Published: March 24, 2016

The creative residents at FitzRoy Whitegates, in Liss, had a bake off in aid of Sports Relief.

In teams of three, by house, they donned their aprons and baked cakes galore. The rivalry and fun bubbled over when James  Deane, the Deputy Mayor of Petersfield, came in to judge the winner. It was a very difficult decision, but he finally chose House One as the winning team. Chris collected a huge a hamper bulging with goodies to share amongst his housemates.

Everyone else had a delicious time sampling the cakes, and counting the money they raised. There was a lot of debate over the quiz question online that day“ What is Mary Berry’s favourite cupcake? She chose the Golden Set, with a tennis racket and tennis ball for decoration. Yum!