This is us! Love4Life members are the stars of the show - FitzRoy

This is us! Love4Life members are the stars of the show

Published: September 6, 2019

An evening of singing, acting and celebration –  it must be Love4Life’s summer show.

Members of FitzRoy’s friendship and dating project Love4Life put on the performance of a life time recently at Fareham community church with their ‘This Is Us’ show.

Love4Life events coordinator, Shelley Temperley said: It kickstarted with everyone singing €˜This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman, which was a real goosebumps moment for a lot of people. Then they acted some scenes and sang in groups there was a lot going on!

They sang so bravely and so confidently, which is an incredible thing because they were so nervous beforehand.

It was an absolutely fantastic show. About 50 people showed up and they all thought it was brilliant. Isabelle sang a solo and her mum said to us afterwards that two years ago she never would have done that!€

Not only did the show lift the spirits of the audience, it also inspired other Love4Life members who had come along to watch.

Shelley said: They came up to us afterwards and said, €˜I want to do that’, so the show definitely inspired a lot of other Love4Life members too.

“The stage is one of their happy places to be they just oozed confidence and together they helped each other to be more confident. We can’t wait for our pantomime at Christmas.€

Love4Life enables people with learning disabilities to make and enjoy friendships and relationships. The project runs opportunities for socialising as well as sports and health and well-being workshops. Love4Life is made possible purely through fundraising and we cannot run it without your support.

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