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Tony moves into his forever home

Published: June 1, 2022

At the start of April Tony moved into his forever home, a small bungalow perfectly suited for one!

We have supported Tony, who lives in Great Yarmouth, for many years. After anti social behaviour began increasing around his block of flats, Tony decided it was time to move.

Chrissy, a support worker at Norfolk Support at Home, has been striving to help Tony move for some time, and after working with the housing department she has succeeded in achieving a wonderful new home for Tony – and he is over the moon.

The move came quite quickly after I submitted the housing application listing Tony's issues. There was lots to do in a short space of time - a removal van to organise, packing, sorting utilities - but it all came together.

“We were also all thrilled that he was able to move into this bungalow in a quiet cul-de-sac in a really nice part of town with neighbours who we think are certainly going to look out for him. The cul-de-sac is home mainly to older ladies who are a close knit group, and Tony has already been welcomed in by them with ‘new home’ cards and offering help with bin days.”

Tony is supported for six hours a week and is very independent. Chrissy has worked with Tony for 10 years supporting him with keeping his home in order, his utilities, maintenance and general appointments.

Tony, with the support of Chrissy, is now starting to choose how he’d like to decorate the bungalow – from buying furniture to picking out all the things he needs to make his place feel like a real home.

Chrissy said: “Tony is very very happy in his new home, newly decorated and now awaiting carpets to make it feel more cosy and homely. This move has had a huge impact on Tony, in his general wellbeing and anxiety levels. Just a small thing like a washing line in his own garden, no stairs to navigate and the peace and quiet that most of us take for granted.

It’s been a privilege to support Tony during this immensely important and exciting time in his life, and I wish him many happy years in his lovely new home. It's been hard work to get this far for Tony but it's been very satisfying and rewarding.

“I’d also like to thank the housing association support worker and neighbourhood officer Lauren and Emma who were amazing, without them this move wouldn’t have happened.”

The Norfolk Support at Home service has a team of staff visiting 32 people with learning disabilities and autism in their own homes across Norfolk, helping them with a range of tasks from meal planning, shopping and cooking or appointments and paperwork. All of these seemingly small tasks can make a huge difference between someone living in their own home, or losing their tenancy.