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We’re going to need a bigger boat

Published: November 19, 2021

After 18 months of covid, it is amazing to be able to get out and about again. Staff and people we support across FitzRoy are organising trips, activities and holidays and it is wonderful to see.

Last month, the residents at our Kent care home, Boldshaves Oast took to the water and spent the day riding and driving engine-powered boats on the River Arun in the South Downs National Park. Oliver, Keith, William, Greg, and Phillip were all supported on the boat  and Oliver and Keith both piloted the boat.

Keith has always wanted to drive a boat independently and on this particular day, he got his chance. Keith said: “I loved steering the boat and I want to do it again. We went really fast and I saw some swans.”

Keith learning to steer the engine powered boat by himself after having guidance was an amazing achievement for him. Keith loves learning new skills and building on his existing skills. Through active support – where we do things with him rather than for him – he continues to develop his skills, becoming more independent and reaching his goals.
Michael, who is the deputy manager at Boldshaves Oast

“The staff at Boldshaves Oast always try to be as creative as possible both with the facilities we have on site and the activities we organise for the residents, looking at what everyone wants to do, everyone has a say. Whatever their interests or wishes are, we make sure every person is supported to with opportunities to develop skills and reach goals in whatever they desire.”

Boldshaves Oast is a care home supporting 13 people with learning disabilities and there is always something exciting going on. From the art barn, wood workshop and horticulture project to all the community opportunities they make the most of,  everyone living at Boldshaves Oast has amazing opportunities to develop and achieve.

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