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We’re halfway around the world – can you help us get home?

Published: October 16, 2020

We are now over halfway through our Around the World in 80 Days Challenge, with almost 9,000 miles completed and over £5,000 raised. Our services have been getting involved in any way they can, and Danielle, activities coordinator at our Hampshire day service On Track, is encouraging more services and groups to do the same.

She said: “We wanted to get involved because we thought it would be a really good way to unite our day service after being shut for so long. Our members love being a part of this challenge and contributing towards the total.

“One of our members’ brother in law, Noah, is really into his exercise and has been clocking up a lot of miles for us through his running and cycling. He says it is giving him that extra motivation to get out and do it. His brother lives in Dubai and also have been completing some miles for us, it is great to have friends and family of the people we support getting involved, it’s been one big team effort!

“We have invested in some pedometers so staff and the people we support have been wearing those and converting them into miles to add to our tally. We also have mini exercise bikes which are just the pedals, they’re great to use while working at a desk. Some members have apps on their phones which tell them how much they have done each day, it has been a real group effort and it really is a challenge open to everyone.

“For anyone who is thinking they want to get involved, it is definitely not too late, there’s still a long way for us to go! It doesn’t have to be the most strenuous exercise, put a pedometer on and before you know it you’ve clocked up thousands of miles.”

Our Around the World in 80 Days Challenge kicked off on 1 September, with the aim of completing more than 25,000 within 80 days. People can take part in any way they like, so far we have had everything from running and cycling to tandem bike rides, wheelchair and dog walking miles.

Angela Murphy, director of operations and business development at FitzRoy, said: “Myself and FitzRoy chief executive Anna have both joined the Around the World in 80 Days Challenge and so far between us with have done nearly 300 miles. We have already shared some amazing stories of people and services getting involved in the challenge from walking, cycling, running, dog walks and tandem bike rides.

“But we need more miles to help us achieve our goal, so whether you’re an individual wanting to achieve a goal or a group wanting to enter as a team, make sure you sign up today and start adding those important miles to our total. Good luck!”

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