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Johnny’s incredible weight loss journey leads to amazing achievements

Published: February 23, 2024

Johnny is supported by our Norfolk Support at Home service, who help him with daily activities including shopping, cooking, housework, and managing his finances. Previously, Johnny had really struggled with his weight and realised that he needed to lose a significant amount of weight for his health. Incredibly, since starting on his journey to better health, Johnny has lost 12 stone – an astonishing achievement!

Kerensa, manager of Norfolk Support at Home team, explains: “Our staff visit 32 people with learning disabilities and autism in their own homes across Norfolk. Depending on the level of support needed, we could be supporting the person for three hours a week for a social activity or for 24 hours a day so they can remain in their own home. We support with things ranging from meal planning, shopping, and cooking to managing paperwork and attending appointments. These seemingly small tasks can mean the difference between someone living in their own home or losing their tenancy. The people we support tell us what they want to do and how they want to live their lives independently, and we help them achieve their goals.”

Two photos sat side by side of the same man before and after significant weight loss

Johnny before and after his weight loss.

Johnny has been supported throughout his weight loss journey by his support workers, who have encouraged and praised him every step of the way. Dana, who works with him regularly, spent time listening and getting to understand Johnny and what his barriers to healthy eating and exercise were. Through discussions and looking online at different cultures and recipes, Dana was able to make cooking sessions both fun and healthy. Johnny loves learning about different foods and Dana has helped him to explore new ingredients and try dishes from all over the world. Together they work out what recipes he’d like to try, then Dana helps him create a shopping list which Jonny uses to order his groceries online.

Dana said: “I’m so proud of Johnny and what he’s achieved. When he started on his weight loss plan, he showed real dedication and enthusiasm, joining weight loss groups and changing his food habits. With support from me and the others in the team, he started to batch cook healthy meals. This quickly led to him starting to lose weight, which has helped him to stay motivated. Last summer we supported Johnny to start creating a garden, so hopefully this year we’ll even be able to use homegrown vegetables in our cooking sessions.

“Amazing as his weight loss and the improvements in his health are, the benefits are so much wider – this journey has also helped Johnny to take pride in his appearance, his flat, and his money management. Previously, he would rely on takeaways or eating out, so by switching to batch cooking healthy meals with our support he’s saved a huge amount of money. In fact, he’s saved so much that he was able to book a holiday to Scotland, which is an incredible achievement in itself.”

Johnny said: “Since losing so much weight, I’m feeling very good about myself and I now enjoy walking, which used to be hard for me. I’ve started going to the gym and have taken on a walking challenge of 15,000 steps a day for MNDA, the Motor Neurone Disease Association. By sharing my story, I hope that other people will be inspired to live a healthier life too – if you keep working at it, you really can achieve your goals.”

Samantha, deputy manager of Norfolk Support at Home team, said:

Although Johnny has worked incredibly hard on losing weight, it’s the whole transformation that is the real star. With support from Dana and the team, Johnny has gained so much confidence and self-esteem, which has had a hugely positive impact on all areas of his life. Johnny is a true inspiration!

You can find out more about our Norfolk Support at Home service here.