AJ playing the drums

Good communication is a breakthrough for Archie

Towards the end of last year, Archie joined The Maltings, our day service in Norfolk. We weren’t told much about him and initially, our team were uncertain they would be able to provide the level of support Archie seemed to need.

Oli with his medal after completing the marathon

From Injury to Triumph: Oli’s Inspiring London Marathon Journey

At the end of April this year, Oli ran the London Marathon in support of FitzRoy. Oli’s motivation to run for FitzRoy stemmed from his visit to one of our residential care homes in East Sussex where we support his Aunt. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and his Aunt moving house, he hadn’t seen her for quite some time. However, he went to visit and celebrate her birthday in February and was impressed by the excellent facilities and staff at the home. This visit inspired him to help transform lives by raising money for FitzRoy.

Photo of Richard at home eating lunch

Gradual Medication Reduction and Supportive Interventions Transform Richard’s Life

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week last week we wanted to highlight the importance of STOMP (Stopping over medication of people with a learning disability, autism, or both) and share Richard’s story. Upon Richard’s arrival, he was taking numerous medications and experiencing frequent incidents due to his behavior. However, a decision was made four weeks ago to gradually discontinue some of his medications, resulting in a significant improvement. Since then, he has only had one incident.


Love4Life is coming to Coventry

Love4Life is coming to Coventry to offer even more people a space to have fun, learn new life skills and build friendships.

Photo of Courtney

Courtney’s journey to a perfect fit at FitzRoy

With the help of FitzRoy's staff, Courtney found a place where she can shine, from a quiet, laid back supported living service to a more vibrant and lively environment to match her flamboyant personality.