Greg flies to Greece for first holiday after lockdown

With travel restrictions lifting, the people we support are beginning to enjoy going on holiday once again. Greg, who we support in Kent, has just returned from a trip to Greece where he reconnected with family he hasn’t seen in years.


Craig gets set to run the London Marathon

It has been a lifelong goal for Craig to run the London Marathon, so when the opportunity came up to run the world-famous race while raising money for FitzRoy, he jumped at the chance.

Sally takes her first trip out in two years

Sally has a phobia of going outside, and the team at Jellicoe Court in Hampshire have supported her to build up her confidence and trust. After months of hard work and dedication, Sally was supported to take her first trip out in more than two years.

Tony chooses his new wheels

Tony loves driving, and when the time came for him to buy a new car, the team in Nottingham found a unique way to enable Tony to make the decision on his own.

Niels overcomes anxiety and embraces independence

After struggling with anxiety in busy public places for a long time, Niels has embraced his independence and found a new sense of enjoyment for trips out thanks to the support of the team at Vernon Close.