Stories - FitzRoy


Photo of Courtney

Courtney’s journey to a perfect fit at FitzRoy

With the help of FitzRoy's staff, Courtney found a place where she can shine, from a quiet, laid back supported living service to a more vibrant and lively environment to match her flamboyant personality.

Jamie with his arm around Lorraine outside Doddington Hall

Love is in the air for Jamie and Lorraine

After hitting it off in our Nottingham Support at Home service, Jamie and Lorraine were recently supported on their second date to a country house.

Graeme and Andy move to Donec Mews

Moving home is a huge life event for anyone. For Graeme and Andy, who we previously supported in Cheshire, it was even bigger - as they moved across the country 200 miles to our Surrey care home Donec Mews.

How technology is helping communication at FitzRoy

Ben has lived at Dalvington and The Oaks residential service for the last nine years. Ben and the staff at the service have used technology to help him express himself which was particularly helpful following the loss of his father and two friends, who were also residents.